Code of Conduct for Yzena

November 5, 2018
Tech Professionalism Codes of Conduct

Please see the disclaimer.

I don’t like Codes of Conduct. They can be easily misused. So Yzena doesn’t have one and never will.

But I do reserve the right to eject people from the community who, I believe, have behavior that is detrimental to the health of the project(s), community, and any other members of the community.

In other words, I am BDFL, and I take direct responsibility for maintaining a healthy community.

Projects in the Pipeline

This post has descriptions of all of the software projects I currently have in the pipeline.
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Poisoning GitHub Copilot and Machine Learning

GitHub has made me angry again. This time, it's because they are laundering code with machine learning. To fight that, I have developed new FOSS licenses to poison their well.
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I Am Moving Away from GitHub

I cannot trust GitHub anymore. This is why.
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