Code of Conduct for Yzena

November 5, 2018
Tech Professionalism Codes of Conduct

Please see the disclaimer.

I don’t like Codes of Conduct. They can be easily misused. So Yzena doesn’t have one and never will.

But I do reserve the right to eject people from the community who, I believe, have behavior that is detrimental to the health of the project(s), community, and any other members of the community.

In other words, I am BDFL, and I take direct responsibility for maintaining a healthy community.

Is It Even Worth Working on FOSS Anymore?

With companies taking advantage of Free and Open Source Software far more often than they contribute back, and harming users in the process, is it even worth working on anymore?
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My Whitepaper About GitHub Copilot

I wrote a whitepaper about GitHub Copilot. Link inside.
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Projects in the Pipeline

This post has descriptions of all of the software projects I currently have in the pipeline.
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