I Am Moving Away from GitHub

April 8, 2020
GitHub Tech Censorship

Please see the disclaimer.

As of today, I am moving all of my personal projects, including my Yzena projects, away from GitHub and onto a server that I administer.

There are three reasons for this.

First, GitHub will block access to projects because of trade sanctions.

Second, GitHub will inexplicably block access to projects when an author calls someone a cruel, crude, and rude name. This is not sensitive; it is authoritarian.

Third, GitHub’s server started not letting me push to my projects anymore. I keep getting an error that says

Too many authentication failures

However, when I follow GitHub’s instructions to test my ssh keys, it works. I can only assume that something else is going on, whether borne of malice or incompetence.

I contacted GitHub support, and suddenly, I could push again, even though I did not get any reply.

Basically, GitHub cannot be trusted with my code anymore. That’s why I moved.

Projects in the Pipeline

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